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Danika Smith

Danika Smith
Danika Smith is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter who performs a timeless style of folk music with undertones of jazz and soul. Her latest single “Sweet Mellow D” was released last month ahead of the release of her forthcoming debut album in early 2021.
José González – Crosses
An early influence on me was González, with his blend of nylon string fingerpicking and vocal melodies and harmonies. I really dig his polyrhythmic picking patterns, like the bass notes are separate from the higher melodies.

Angel Olsen – Unfucktheworld
The lyrics of “Unfucktheworld” are heart-punchingly accurate for my younger 22 year old self. Angel manages to articulate the complex and nuanced wisps of that kind of love that makes you lose yourself. It leaves you empty, you’ve given your self away. Lesson learned, love yourself first.

Nina Simone – Baltimore
Nina… the powerful and timeless voice of truth. I love this song, it’s super groovy in its arrangement, a reggae jazz feel, and strings are beautiful and emotive. The story is heartbreaking and through imagery, tells of the issues of classism and poverty.

Sade – Hang On To Your Love
I had to throw a song of Sade in the mix. I love the way she dances so much. Sentimental euphoria every time.

Kev Carmody – From Little Things, Big Things Grow
This song is an Australian classic. Co-written, with Paul Kelly, “From Little Things, Big Things Grow” tells the story of the Wave Hill walk-off, a key moment in the recognition of Indigenous rights. This song was the soundtrack to my trip when I drove out to Djap Wurrung a few weeks ago. The lyrics kept going around my head as I witnessed the present day protest for land rights happening 3 hour drive from Melbourne. The fight of First Nations People for justice and recognition of their land rights and culture continues against the powers of colonisation and capitalism. Give the song a listen and research Djap Wurrung to find out how you can support.