Dave Graney and The MistLY — Sungenre Mixtape
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Dave Graney and The MistLY

Dave Graney is an ARIA Award-winning singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. He’s been performing with drummer Clare Moore since 1978, and the pair’s “roughly 33rd” album together, Zippa Deedoo What Is/Was That/This?, was released in March. Dave’s kindly chosen five tracks to share with us.
[powerkit_row cols_nr=”2″][powerkit_col size=”7″]Jimi Tenor – Quantum Connection
From his most recent album. A brilliant Finnish musician who I saw recently playing a solo gig. Probably one of the best solo performances I’ve ever seen. He played in the front room of a hotel in Melbourne on the way to play a bush door gig in Western Victoria. I have a CD he made in the early 2000s with an Eastern European orchestra and another he made a few years ago with Tony Allen, who drummed with African legend Fela Kuti. At this front bar gig Jimi set off a rhythm with a machine and fiddled about with it via mixing desk and some EQ, played along with a small Korg and then a Moog keyboard and sang a verse and then picked up his tenor sax and then his flute. He played this song at the gig and all his songs were very freaked out and very immediate at the same time.

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Jonathan Bree – Say You Love Me Too (feat. Clara Viñals)
From his most recent album. I loved his work with The Brunettes but love his solo work even more. His last album, A Little Night Music, was coming from a direction of 20th Century orchestral music. Using elements of it, it was still a pop record. He is from Auckland and is also part of the Princess Chelsea phenomenon. I love the bass lines he uses. the sound and where he sits it. His voice is always great. Saw him do a great gig in a dingey pub in Melbourne a month or so ago. The band was a drummer, bass player, Jonathan Bree singing and two backing singers/dancers. They all wore this material over their faces and wigs. I don’t think they could see anything. It was wonderful.

Lawrence Arabia – Everybody Wants Something
From his most recent album which is a collection of singles he has been putting out every month over the last 18 months. He also was briefly a member of The Brunettes and is also from Auckland. A great singer and guitar player/bass player. Whenever he tours Australia with a band, I highly recommend catching them.

Bill MacKay – Pre-California
From his current album. An improvisational guitar player from Chicago. I heard of him through another guitarist/singer from Chicago called Ryley Walker. Just a great groove and tone. I tuned into it because I recently read a book on guitar player John Fahey who invented a genre called “American primitive” which is not dissimilar to this. Fahey was active from the early 60s to recent times.

Jodi Phillis – The Change
From her current album, Becoming. An amazingly good singer, writer and guitar player. She was in The Clouds in the 90s and occasionally performs with them. This album was an almost conceptual collection of songs about her parents. She did a digital album not long ago which was about her birth. It had six tracks and went from her parents having sex and ended with being born.