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Ed Wells

Ed Wells
Ed Wells is a talented electronic, neo-soul singer and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He’s currently living and making music in London, where he recently graduated with a Law degree. His new EP, “Home” will be released on February 7.

Matt Corby – Wrong Man
Matt Corby has been one of my defining influences since I started writing and releasing music. I think melodically he’s just got it. Aside from his voice (which is obviously beautiful) everything in his songs seems to flow where it should but it never gets boring and I’m somehow always amazed at where he takes a song.

Artist of the Year 2019: Anderson .Paak

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Anderson .Paak – Jet Black (feat. Brandy)
This track just slaps. Plain and simple. I only started listening to Anderson .Paak a couple of years ago and didn’t often listen to much hip-hop but now I can’t get enough of him. Looking back I think me starting to listen to more artists like Anderson Paak has been really healthy for me musically and has led me to write tracks like “1983” which, a few years ago, I would never have thought of writing.

Beau Diako – Buttermilk (feat. emawk)
If you haven’t listened to Beau Diako go and do it now. He writes some absolutely beautiful music. His guitar chops are amazing (check out his Instagram) and the harmony which he is able to create is a really clever mix of pop and more jazz/R&B flavours.

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Jordan Rakei – Mind’s Eye
Having been brought up learning and listening to a lot of jazz music, Jordan Rakei is the perfect artist for me. He’s got an amazing voice and his ability to create really evocative harmonies is something I’m very jealous of! His lyrics are also brilliant. I’ve always loved lyrics that are phonetically interesting as well as having meaning and I think that “Mind’s Eye” in particular strikes that balance really well.

James Blake – I Need A Forest Fire (ft. Bon Iver)
I think both James Blake and Bon Iver have this knack for seamlessly combining the natural with the unnatural and making it sound beautiful. Something which I have always loved experimenting with is combining electronic and acoustic sounds. It’s something that I’ve really admired in James’ live shows as well as his recorded music, so when I first heard this song I was blown away by it. I think it’s a fitting way to cap off this Mixtape.