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Here’s 5 tracks as chosen by Sydney dream pop quartet Goodside. Their infectious debut single “I’ve Been Feeling Something Lately” has just been released.
[powerkit_row cols_nr=”2″][powerkit_col size=”7″]Cotton Jones – I Am The Changer
Tom: That riff! There’s so much space in this song. Every part moves freely and is in no rush, a feeling we’re always trying to create with our songs. 6 minutes, 34 seconds of bliss. Listen and feel the weight lift.

Lomelda – Bam Sha Klam
Maia: I’ve been really into the sound of nylon string guitars at the moment, and this song satisfies that obsession and takes it to the next level with deep, dark and sparing electric guitar riffs that work through the song in a kind of contrasting way. Lomelda’s vocals are so soft and bittersweet, and that verses the overdriven bass and guitar riff in the outro create this beautiful kind of dissonance that makes me want to cry and I can never get enough.

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Marlon Williams – Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore
Cash: A truly great piece of songwriting and production in my book. The chord progressions always get me and I love the light and shadow Marlon gets by alternating from major to minor. The vocal melodies are really quite beautiful and the way those harmonies intertwine in the choruses has to be my favourite part of this song.

Billie Marten – Betsy
Casey: One of those songs you can’t listen to just once. So sweet and soothing but with a groove that makes you want to dance. Heard this song recently on Triple J and couldn’t shake it. It’s my go to, feel good track at the moment and I cannot get it out of my head.

Charlie Gradon – Double Rainbow
Charlie is one of our favourite artists going around Sydney and this is a really special track. Wind down and get inspired. The lyrics are so perfectly strung together, moving you in all the right ways. Don’t stop at this song, the entire album is a treat!