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Hobsons Bay Coast Guard

Here’s five tracks as chosen by Chris Loftis, guitarist and vocalist of Melbourne surf-psych outfit Hobsons Bay Coast Guard, ahead of the release of their self-titled debut album on March 8th.
[powerkit_row cols_nr=”2″][powerkit_col size=”7″]Tram Cops – BB Jesus
This is a friend’s project but bias aside their album Not Forever is one of the most imaginative and inspired productions of 2018! I love every track.

Sunwatchers – Beautiful Crystals
This incessantly ecstatic jam reminds me of the NEU! song “Hallo Gallo”. I often play them both in the background while cooking.

Crepes – Dark Demons

I have been to so many great Crepes shows. These guys and their 13 other projects have been ruling the Melbourne underground live scene for years. This tasty pop number is a testament to their experience and creative ease.

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Herbie Hancock – Ready or Not
This is one of those left-field bangers that always gets me on the d-floor. If there was a Space Disco Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog this would be the soundtrack.

Original Zengela Band – Usimcheke Kilema
This is a Kenyan band with only one album that was reissued in Germany in the 90s. I couldn’t find any other info about them but had their CD stuck in my car stereo for a year. Despite hearing it EVERYDAY I never got sick of those masterful microtonal melody waves and beachy guitar plucking.