By Published Jun 12, 2018
New Music: Episode 37

A weekly new music podcast showcasing the hottest emerging talent from around the world. Hosted by Dan Webb and Daniel Dukovcic (this week filling in for Johnny Rock).

The Internet – Come Over (Columbia), 2018
August Greene – Black Kennedy (Independent), 2018
Ben Khan – Do It Right (Dirty Hit), 2018
Swamp – Don’t Need It (Independent), 2018
Tram Cops – Why’d She Have to Leave So Soon? (Independent), 2018
Dhana Bhutan – Welcome To (Independent), 2018
Auntie Leo & the Backstabbers – Bad Seed (Independent), 2018
Gena Rose Bruce – Coming Down (Independent), 2018
Brandon Hoogenboom – Hey You (Mirror), 2018
Franjapan – Chanson Chien (Independent), 2018
Sandy’s – Meadowed (Independent), 2018

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