By Published Aug 14, 2018
New Music: Episode 46

A weekly new music podcast showcasing the hottest emerging talent from around the world. Hosted by Dan Webb and Johnny Rock for

Louis Cole ft. Brad Mehldau – Real Life (Brainfeeder), 2018
Guerilla Toss – Betty Dreams of Green Men (DFA), 2017
Juliana Hatfield – A Little More Love (American Laundromat), 2018
Lost Talk – Shoe Shine (Spooky), 2018
Art Brut – Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! (Alcopop!), 2018
Baked Beans – Slow (Flightless), 2018
Club Kuru – The Memory Junkie (Dog Holiday), 2018
Ben Panucci – Quite (Independent), 2018
Mono Club – Best Laid Plans (LGM), 2018
Jealous of the Birds – Plastic Skeletons (Big Space), 2018
The Kite Machine – Sinister Sound (Independent), 2018
David Bowie – Zeroes 2018, Radio Edit (Parlophone), 2018

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