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Album Premiere: Dan Webb – Exotic Erotic Concoction

Melbourne musician and Sungenre Founder and Editor-in-Chief Dan Webb has been in the scene for over a decade. Never content with doing the same thing twice, his sound has taken a number of left-turns to evolve from the soul-infused art pop of debut record Sandstorm (2014) to the noisy, politically-charged psychedelia of the Sailing EP (2015) and second record Oedipus the King (2017). His third album, Exotic Erotic Concoction, an eclectic and flowing slice of electro-psychedelia, is out today.

“I actually started working on this new album back in 2015, so it was pretty shortly after (debut record) Sandstorm and it seems that whenever I’ve finished an album, I immediately start thinking about what I’m gonna do next,” Dan told us recently in an exclusive interview.

“I came up with the album title first and I wasn’t entirely sure what direction I was gonna take. It probably started off with mostly world music influences – I was playing around with Latin percussion and Indian instruments and stuff like that, and it was sounding pretty cool. But, I mean, it’s been about four years in the works, and I’ve refined it and changed direction a fair bit over those years. I’m not sure at what point I introduced the synthesiser, but that changed the game a bit; it went in a completely different direction after that.”