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Video Premiere: Kid Fiction – At The Mall

Today we’re pleased to present the latest single and stunning accompanying video from Australian producer and vocalist Kid Fiction. Directed by Aislinn Lowe, the video draws inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

“The story is of a lone astronaut who has a transformative dream – leaving the audience to wonder if it’s a layman imagining himself as an astronaut, or is an astronaut imagining being back down on the ground,” the Sydney-based director Lowe explains.

“We utilised futuristic locations and slow motion footage as a visual expression of the song’s sparse, electronic soundscape. For the performances, we struck a balance between emotive performances from Kid Fiction juxtaposed with deliberately vacant, expressionless faces of the other characters to create a dream world set somewhere between earth and outerspace.”

Click here to stream “At The Mall” on Spotify.