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Video Premiere: Lincoln Lim – Losing (Live Acoustic)

Today we’re pleased to share a video of indie-folk artist Lincoln Lim performing his latest single, “Losing” live on the streets of Tiong Bahru, Singapore.

“Tiong Bahru, the place where the video was shot, is a place that is very dear to me personally,” Lim explains. “I remember my late grandfather taking me around the neighbourhood (he lived there), drinking a covert can of stout from a partly opaque plastic 7-Eleven bag while smoking a pack of Camels a day. Since then the place hasn’t changed much, resisting the pull of corporate Singapore that swept across the island from the early 90s right til today. As such, it’s become a little bit of a time capsule for me, a sense of nostalgia in a modern world that no doubt will disappear at some point, but for this one beautiful moment in time, still hangs on tight.”

“I think the video really shows this, and translates “Losing” in a way I didn’t expect or plan for, from a person who’s lost someone to the annals of time, to a country that’s lost a little bit of it’s soul to the march of progress. Either way, I hope you guys like it as much as I do.”