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Song Premiere: SangLien – A Little Darkness (feat. Dale Randolph)


We’re excited today to share with you Sydney experimental electronic artist John Matsos (SangLien)’s beautifully produced and addictive new downtempo single, “A Little Darkness”.

John’s music offers an eclectic mix of hip-hop grooves, glitchy electronica and ethereal samples. His debut EP Digital Eskimo was released in August 2017 through Beatle Soup Records.

This new single, “A Little Darkness”, is a collaboration with Paris-based Australian singer Dale Randolph, who John met in a bar in Paris, having recognised him from high school days. The pair instantly bonded over their mutual love of music and created this single soon after.

“The song is about realising that you’re not immune to depression. It feels like during your 20s something changes and the pressures and expectations of life become heavier. I’ve seen this in almost everyone around me, where life becomes a balancing act. Some people are lucky enough to avoid these emotions during their childhood and even their teenage years, but eventually something will shake you to the point where you have dark days,” explains Randolph.