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Video Premiere: UNOMI – The Death of Fear

Today we’re pleased to introduce UNOMI, the solo project of Sash Mishevski, a prolific writer and the longtime frontman of Sydney’s Slumberhaze. The Panda Bear-esque “The Death of Fear” is his first official solo single release and is accompanied by a captivating video.

“The Death of Fear” has undergone a number of significant revisions since its conception in Florence, Italy. Rather astonishingly, Mishevski recorded the song over an 18 month-period with two different producers outputting 10 versions of the track. However, in the end he opted to use his initial demo vocal in the final cut which was produced alongside Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels, The Vines, The Whitlams).

Mishevski says the song was originally titled “The Fear Of Death”. “My struggle with anxiety and hypochondria came to an end, incidentally, when my daughter was born and I simultaneously finished writing the song. The way I felt at the end of writing it, in comparison to when I first started writing it, was polar opposite. So I couldn’t keep that fickle title, hence the slight title reversal. ‘The Death Of Fear’ is about strength now.”

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Of the music video, he explains that he intended to explore “life and the anxiety associated with leaving this world,” while simultaneously investigating “themes of pain, mortality, and acceptance, providing the idea that the fear of death isn’t in dying itself but is in the perception of an unfulfilled life… It’s a comment on the fear of leaving things unfinished, the fear of not having achieved anything, the fear of being forgotten. The video is to erase that fear and anxiety because it explores how things will always work itself out and that there is no such thing has not having achieved anything or to be forgotten because no matter who you are, you will always make an impact.”