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Dan Webb releases blissful new track ‘Europa’


While Dan Webb’s music is likely too eccentric to ever become a mainstream star, he has attracted an exceptional amount of attention in recent years, thanks to his uncanny ability to create mesmerising moods. His new track is amongst his most thoughtful to date, growing from a lo-fi ambient piece into something transcendent in a matter of moments.

“I wrote and recorded this track in one sitting, start to finish, on a tiny 25-note keyboard in December 2020,” Dan says, explaining the spontaneous nature of the track. “The string section was added two years later. The cellist played so vigorously in the outro, he broke a string!”

The balance of frantic energy and tranquil harmonies is at the heart of the song’s appeal. It will be joyously received by his fanbase while undoubtedly catching the ear of new listeners who will be fascinated by his sound.

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