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Dan Webb releases mind-bending new track ‘Drifter’


While many artists claim to not be beholden to a single genre, few make good on that promise as convincingly as Dan Webb. His prior three critically acclaimed albums are equally indebted to psychedelia, jazz, trip-hop, post-punk, and EDM. His newest single takes that formula to a whole new level, incorporating a full string section for the first time in his career en route to creating his most compelling track to date.

With a frantic backbeat, a hypnotising chord progression, and a latticework of melody and texture, ‘Drifter’ is wildly imaginative. It grabs attention right away before taking listeners on a kaleidoscopic journey. As the circus-like atmosphere reaches a crescendo, the track dissolves into a soft outro, perfect for catching your breath. ‘Drifter’ is a track that will appeal to adventurous listeners everywhere, regardless of prior interest in electronic music.

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