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Introducing Tram Cops

Tram Cops
Tram Cops is the pop-jazz infused moniker of Melbourne musician and producer Michael Vince Moin. Performing alongside likeminded friends including The Sunken Sea‘s Dougal James and Hemm‘s Robert Downie, Tram Cops has built a strong and dedicated local following.

Tell us a bit about your latest release.
“Hometown” is a song about being okay with your past and future. It was produced by my friend Noah Riseley. Thanks Noah, you are a talented, kind soul. Its cover is by my hero in art, Benny Montero, which I think is super cool. Noah and I wanted the track to have three parts and three different moods while still maintaining the same slow moving feel throughout. I cried a lot when I wrote the lyrics. I think it’s about as simple lyrically as I could write about an ethereal feeling of hope versus hopelessness.

We asked Tram Cops to draw us a picture of a swan.

What does your ideal creative space look like?
Running water, food on the table, a roof over my head and to be surrounded by interesting, creative people. I want to be mindful and fortunate for what I do have and not for what I don’t.

What makes a good song in your opinion?

How do you discover new music?

What was your first job?

I’ve been taking drugs less and less… I really do think that less is more.

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How do you try to stay healthy?
I have been trying to eat three meals a day. I run every day. I try to read every day too but it’s harder than it sounds. I’ve been taking drugs less and less which is good and important for my own mental wellbeing – everyone operates differently and everyone has to pursue this journey on their own terms – but for my part, I really do think that less is more. You can still have a good time without all that, you know. I have been trying to express ideas wholly and truthfully and finishing what I start. Keeping in close contact with friends and family and people I love and care about. Hold your dreams close and follow them – always. Believe in love. Have fun!

Who are some local artists from your hometown we should check out?
Horatio Luna, Emma Vollard, Lewis Coleman, Karate Boogaloo, Messy Mammals, Go Dog Go, Close Counters, Hobsons Bay Coast Guard, The Sunken Sea, Zac E Tea, Sunnyside, Hemm.

If you could collaborate with any artist, in any medium, who would it be and what would you create?
Any darn one of my friends and we would make a 126bpm house banger in 4/4 starting on Am9. Yes. Yiew!