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10 defining quotes of 2019

Johnny… would not be happy with me right now, definitely not. He’d be like, “you’re fat, you have a big, grey beard, you’ve shaved your head, you don’t look punk at all, you don’t look rock ‘n’ roll, you’re not cool anymore,”

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CJ Ramone talks gun control and The Simpsons

I think probably up until six months ago I was checking on the news articles about (Brexit) and now I’ve been defeated by the boredom of how long it’s gone on.

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Two Door Cinema Club’s Sam Halliday talks BitTorrent, success and Michael Jackson

I’ve had some shocking experiences with sexual harassment at gigs and I’ve had a booking agent drop me from a roster in Japan for telling me that I was overweight.

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Chelsea Wilson talks equality, politics and advice

Please don’t do the Tide pod challenge because I don’t want the lawsuits. You know?

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Ishmael Butler talks new Digable Planets music and the Tide pod challenge

Distasteful? I guess, yes, it’s all distasteful, but taste is subjective. I think Maroon 5 is distasteful, but millions of people love them.

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‘Taste is subjective’: Fascinator talks image and culture

I’m really against that whole mob mentality thing of people getting behind an idea when they don’t even know the meaning of it.

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Jordan Rakei talks Radiohead, Brexit and marriage

If you, at a base level, acknowledge that there’s no meaning innately, to anything, you’re kind of in control of what meaning you bring into your life.

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Lucy Dacus talks religion and politics

I kind of need to be really careful how I say this, because we’ve always been a Triple J supported band…

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Elliott Hammond talks Wolfmother and rock ‘n’ roll in the #MeToo era

The fact is, if you crunch the numbers… it’s highly, highly, highly unlikely that we are the only sentient life that sprung up in this huge universe.

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Lance Ferguson talks aliens, infinity, Double J and The Bamboos

I’d just recommend anyone to reach out and connect with their network… You’re a great researcher.

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Olympia talks business in the age of streaming