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A Beacon School

In between working with Modern Rivals, BLUFFING, Fiasco and Max Savage from Parquet Courts, Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Patrick J Smith has found the time to release an album of his own material. Patrick and bass player Chase Wagner picked five songs to share with us in the lead up to the release of their next single, “Fade In Nylon” on May 13.
[powerkit_row cols_nr=”2″][powerkit_col size=”7″]Gilberto Gil – Palco
Patrick says: My song of summer a few years ago. I can’t help but smile when the horns first enter. I wish I didn’t look up the lyrics in English though. They sound great in Portuguese, but the line about his soul smelling like a baby’s bottom always struck me as a bit odd.

Ovens – Same Shit, Different Day
Patrick says: I love Tony Molina. He’s so economic with his songwriting. In just over a minute, and using only a few lines, he captures a feeling that everyone can instantly relate to.

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Broadcast – Echo’s Answer
Patrick says: I only just started getting into Broadcast. This song is hauntingly beautiful, and learning of the tragic death of Trish Keenan imparts it with an added sense of profundity. The juxtaposition between the worn, warbled synth and the pure, unaffected vocals is perfect.

Young Jesus – Saganism vs. Buddhism
Chase says: Been listening to this a tonne lately. I love songs that start off in a relatively familiar place and then veer off into something wild and cathartic. Great lyrics too. I can’t make all of them out, but third eyes, dads, rocks, the contingency of ideas that constitute our experience of reality, something about being 28 years old… I’m 28 years old. So yeah, man. There ya have it.

Broken Social Scene – Swimmers
One of my favourite bands ever. This song, like much of their music in general, has a warmth and love to it that I can only describe as feeling like home. Emily Haines’ incredible vocals, Brendan Canning’s vibey bassline, that hazy spring-morning bed of sound… it just puts me in that place again. As someone who can never get their ass out of bed, is incessantly late, and finds much of day-to-day life tumultuous and anxiety-ridden, this one’s a real shot to the heart and a reminder to not take for granted the people in your life who love you despite your bullshit.