Here’s 5 tracks as chosen by all-female Japanese four-piece punk rock outfit CHAI, soon after the release of their second album Punk.
[powerkit_row cols_nr=”2″][powerkit_col size=”7″]Hippo Campus – Bambi
MANA says: No matter the time or place, this song can always bring about romantic thoughts and dreams. It makes me feel like I’m in a dream world and is soothing so I really love it. It gives me all the romanticism that us as CHAI can’t create.

Superorganism – It’s All Good
KANA says: A new type of music! I really just love them so much to the point of no return. It’s groovy and cute! The best!

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Justice – D.A.N.C.E
YUUKI says: The best! The way the song balances this childish-like cuteness with a groovy coolness is the best! Love it!

HONNE – Good Together
YUNA says: I can visualise the landscape from just listening to this song. It’s the type of song that makes you feel like you’re time-traveling. It’s a super warm song that warms your heart up no matter what!

Toploader – Dancing in the Midnight
We’ve never even had a taste of this youthfulness. It’s the best ever! We want to be in this type of mood forever! We always strive to make music that people can dance to, feel positivity from, and not only this Toploader track, but the other songs we’ve mentioned above ALL do that for us!