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Circa Waves

Here’s 5 tracks as chosen by Kieran Shudall, vocalist and guitarist of English indie rock band Circa Waves, shortly after the release of their third album What’s It Like Over There?
Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows
A song that’s always played in the dressing room. This song never fails to get me in the mood to play a show, no matter if it’s an afternoon, festival or headlining; it just has something that gets me going. Our dressing room playlist is very eclectic as we all have such different musical tastes and I love that.

Ruston Kelly – Asshole
Most played song at the moment. I started listening to him about six months ago and I still haven’t stopped playing his latest record, I love his storytelling and each song pulls me in. I saw him a couple of weeks ago in a little bar in the UK and it was incredible… haven’t felt like this for an artist or band in a long time.

Smash Mouth – All Star
My karaoke song. I’m not sure how this became my karaoke song but I’m pretty sure it was chosen after a few drinks. I have a goal to sing this in as many karaoke bars around the world, I’m on nine countries so far. Turns out that it doesn’t have to be a karaoke bar either, from videos I’ve seen…

Jason Isbell – Cover Me Up
A song I could play over and over again. I’m a huge Jason Isbell fan – there’s something about his lyrics and style of telling his story through song that just hits me. This song especially hits a note with me that no other song can which means I can just listen over and over again. I feel like everyone should check this out even if you’re not a fan of Americana music.

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Billie Eilish – bury a friend
A song to listen to while writing about songs to listen to. I’m currently watching a live Billie Eilish set on TV and it’s awesome. Her new record is amazing and the level of different styles throughout the record is exceptional. “bury a friend” has to be a favourite, the song is great, the production is great and I can’t wait to see what she does next.