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Crooked Colours

Here’s 5 tracks as chosen by Perth electronic trio Crooked Colours, following the release of their second album Langata.

Kaytranada, VanJess – Dysfunctional
This song was only released the other day but I’m vibing this hard. That distinct Kaytranada groove with that bassline can’t wait for his next album.

Lastlings – Urges
They released an EP earlier this year and this track is a stand out. Dark brooding production. “Insane” is also a great track from this EP too.

Running Touch – When I’m Around You
His last couple of songs have been blowing up and this one in particular is going to big. We have played a heap of shows together and have become good friends. His live performance is one to watch.

Tourist – Apollo
We are big fans of Tourist so when this one dropped we were pretty excited. He has a knack of producing really captivating songs that draw you in and take on a journey. This one in particular feels like it is constantly building while still keeping you engaged with a tasty drum groove.

Khalid, Disclosure – Talk
Really love the production on this one. Clean and subtle with a bouncing bassline. Khalid’s vocals sit perfectly over the top. Disclosure also do a great remix of this.