Emersxn Louis — Sungenre Mixtape

Emersxn Louis

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Here’s 5 tracks as chosen by Gold Coast trap artist Emersxn Louis. His latest single “Super Saiyan” was released via Angel Boy Records on 12th November.
Future – Codeine Crazy
This joint has been a favourite of mine ever since it dropped, proud to claim I put all the homies onto it to. Future is a god, no simpler way to put it. That track is hypnotising and trill, and at the same time is pushing a strong message. It takes me somewhere else, somewhere I feel cozy and trill.

Clams Casino – Leaf
This song has a similar effect on me to what “Codeine Crazy” does, it just takes me away to a place where I feel the best, I feel like if my thoughts had a sound this is what they would sound like. Me and my videographer @sonybxnes played this whenever we were bout to light up or if we needed to get into the mood for recording.

Flatbush Zombies – Palm Trees
This track has its pure significance, this track and music video was the joint alongside “Pe$o” by A$AP Rocky that got me inspired to become an artist back when I was younger. I remember watching it, hearing it, and just feeling it on a whole deeper level then to what I’ve ever felt about a song before, I just related to it, I knew what they were talking about and I liked the way they told a story, it made me feel trill.

A$AP Rocky feat. BONES – Canal St
One of my two favourite artist on the same track, and they just gelled man. You cannot deny how smooth them boys came in on that. Rocky just prolific AF with that story time shit, he give you it all at once, flow, story time, grunt, swag, hustler perspective. A song I could play nonstop and never skip.

Schoolboy Q – Hell Of A Night
This song has a special connection with me I swear, it’s always spontaneously came on at perfect times, right when I need to hear it. It empowers me, it reminds me who I am, it reminds me to keep going. Schoolboy Q never misses in my eyes, and this track of his hits me a lil’ different every time.