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Here’s 5 tracks as chosen by Darcy Dexter, vocalist of Australian dream-pop quartet Seaside, at the time of release of their catchy new single “Sycamore”.
[powerkit_row cols_nr=”2″][powerkit_col size=”7″]Kings of Leon – Milk
This song has been my favourite song ever written since I was in grade 8. The way every instrument is pieced together and how they subtly compliment one another is just one reason; the second being that lyrically, to this day, it resonates with me so deeply that I’ve never moved past it. “Called and I called but I can’t get through, said he’s on his own but his own is you” – goosebumps every damn time. It will probably be my favourite song til the end of my days and I’m totally okay with that.

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Last Dinosaurs – Honolulu
Well this one is a given, 17 year old Darcy found the demo version of this song and when I got my license I used to blare it through the speakers of my Ford Festiva, driving into Byron and feeling on top of the world. Then we got to tour with the Dino boys last year. They are honestly some of the most talented and musically gifted people I’ve ever met, not to mention they are amazing humans and to be honest it made this song somehow even better. It fills me with happiness, nostalgia, sunshine, beers and now, some really great memories.

The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio
The National are my favourite band, straight up. The way they write is mesmerising in every single way. Lyrically, they influence me by making me want to describe things with these beautiful, sometimes cryptic undertones. This song has a line that I think about all the time; “lay my head on the hood of your car, I take it too far”. In my head I visualise this scene, something out of an old black and white movie, a man so desperately in love with a woman he pours his heart out into a song.

The Cure – A Forest
First of all, The Cure have always been and still are a massive influence to myself and also Seaside. Even though they’re huge, we still think they are one of the most underrated bands of all time, somehow they should be even bigger! Their riffs, Robert Smith’s voice, the synths, literally everything they do is amazing. There has never been a band like them and I think that is such a beautiful testament to them as musicians. This song makes me nostalgic for my childhood, it also makes me want to write a slow, slightly eerie tune.

Donovan – Sunshine Superman
This song makes me feel like I’m in this 70s home, I have super long hair and I’m sporting a martini in one hand and a cigarette in the other – I can suddenly dance super well, I groove over to my window and there’s happy people walking their dogs and children riding their bikes in this old suburban neighbourhood. Then the song finishes and I can’t dance anymore, I don’t have a martini and it’s also 2019, although I’m still happy just because this song exists.