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Tanaya Harper

Tanaya Harper
Tanaya Harper is an indie rock musician from Perth, Australia. Her latest single, “Emma” was produced by multi-WAM Award-winning producer and engineer Dave Parkin (Jebediah, Abbe May, Spacey Jane) and is now available on all digital streaming services.
Adrianne Lenker – Anything
This album has stolen my heart. I love the deep sentiment in all of her work, but Adrianne’s most recent album songs and this song in particular is just so heart-breaking. Maybe my favourite line in the song is within the chorus “I wanna kiss, kiss your eyes again, I wanna witness your eyes looking”.

Carla Geneve – The Right Reasons
This song is an instant classic. Mid-afternoon a few weeks ago, I was driving between jobs on a particularly stressful work day, and her latest single started playing on RTRFM. Once I heard that voice, I knew it was Carla and I began to smile – what a paradisiacal moment! This song is beautiful and earnest and it reminds me of Crowded House or some other classic Australian sound that I believe will mean the world to a lot of people for years to come.

James Blake – Before
This guy is a genius. We all know this. The production in this song reminds me of his earlier EPs from 10 years ago (Klavierwerke EP) which is the stuff of his that I love most. It’s so smart and tasteful… delicious really. I remembered that he had something new out, so at 7 AM one sunny spring morning walking to work I put his new EP on and it was the most blissful walk. Highly recommend if you like beautiful electronic music.

Grace Sanders – NO FAIR
Now this is absolutely next level. I’ve been a huge fan of Grace for the last four years since we started sharing line-ups. She’s evolved from writing quirky, smart jazz/pop-esque tunes to now entering into a musical marriage with GAZEY’s Ezekiel Padmanabham. They are sonically made for each other. I must say that autotune for an entire song is a super bold move, and they pulled it off 100%. The lyrics throughout the song have such relatable feels and that chorus, well, I just want to hear it over and over again. Also, pretty sure she’s got a pretty dope video clip for “NO FAIR” in the works… stay tuned folks.

Taylor Swift – this is me trying
This is a song about mental health and I love it. The production is somewhat minimal and spaciously paired with matter-of-fact lyrics exploring a person’s spiral into poor mental health. Darkness aside, a positive message cycled throughout the song – “at least I’m trying”. This is obviously a huge, huge album, exceeding multiple global sales records with a killer marketing strategy (or lack thereof?) that has well and truly succeeded. Give the album a listen, and look out for this track. Notable other mentions of tracks on this album: “the 1”, “cardigan”, “my tears ricochet”, “august” and “invisible string”.