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The Laurels

Here’s 5 tracks as chosen by Luke O’Farrell, guitarist and vocalist of Sydney psych rock band The Laurels, ahead of the release of their third album later this year.
[powerkit_row cols_nr=”2″][powerkit_col size=”7″]Timber Timbre – Beat The Drum Slowly
This record has been a fixture for me the last couple of years. The production on it is stripped back and considered, so you can really hone in on the breadth of vintage instruments used (lots of tasty mellotron). It makes for a really engaging mix that compliments Taylor Kirk’s deadpan vocals.

Louis Cole – Below The Valleys
Louis’ recent stuff is of the electronic banger variety, but his second album (which this is taken from) has more of a Brian Wilson feel with all the layered harmonies and instrumentation choices.

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Peter Fonda – To Raise An Able Caine
Good mates from Sydney who you’ll find regularly drinking and chain smoking at the local tennis club. Joe, wielder of the almighty baritone, will generally be accompanied by his dog to whom I assumed this song was dedicated (which it isn’t, but I like to think it is). They also do an excellent cover of “She Said She Said” which incited some serious fist pumping from me when they played it at their album launch.

Dirty Beaches – Shangri-La
Alex Zhang Hungtai makes me wonder why I waste so much time chasing new recording gear when all you need is a shitty microphone, some choice samples and a loop pedal to make the engrossing lo-fi pop he’s known for.

Adrian Utley, Will Gregory – Nudists
I’m a Portishead obsessive, but this also extends to all the side projects they work on as well. This is taken from a soundtrack that Adrian did with Will Gregory from Goldfrapp. It’s a nice contrast to Geoff Barrow’s work with Ben Salisbury which tends to be a bit more synth heavy. The guitar melodies on this track, particularly when it hits the outro, are really beautiful.