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Song Premiere: Dan Webb – Haloperidol

Dan Webb is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne, Australia. He’s also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of this website. His third solo album, Exotic Erotic Concoction has just been announced and will be released independently on July 12. Here’s the first taste of it.

“Haloperidol” is the first new music we’ve heard from Webb since Oedipus The King, a jazz-influenced avant-rock album released on President Trump’s Inauguration Day in 2017. This new, upbeat, synth-heavy instrumental track has been performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Webb himself in the intervening years, though he admits that “the concept of the album can be traced back as far as 2015.”

“I first wrote this tune on 29th April, 2017. I know that for sure because over the past few years I’ve been date stamping all the tracks I make, rather than assigning them an arbitrary title at the time of creation. I find it’s the best way to stay organised – there’s literally hundreds of ideas, demos and offcuts which didn’t make the final album.”

Click here to pre-order Exotic Erotic Concoction on Bandcamp.