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Video Premiere: Moon Saloon – Magpies

Moon Saloon
Moon Saloon is the dream-pop moniker of Brisbane musician Charlie Grainger. With a slew of singles already under her belt and a new EP on the way, she’s earned support slots with the likes of Stella Donnelly and Charlie Collins in the past year.

“Magpies is about how we can put value in useless things to help find a sense of identity,” Grainger says. “We can be a bit like magpies that steal shiny things for their nests – they look pretty but are just rubbish at the end of the day and eventually become more of a burden than something liberating. It’s about how I don’t want to live in an undisputed, self-focused bubble anymore.”

“Shaving my head in the video was a gentle protest against all those shiny things that I’ve picked up over the years – my unchallenged values and the affluent, western tint that spikes my worldview.”