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Album Premiere: Prudence – Growing Closer

Album Premiere: Prudence – Growing Closer

Today we’re pleased to present an exclusive first listen of Growing Closer, the second album from US-based Australian artist Prudence Rees-Lee, ahead of the album’s release on Friday.

“Los Angeles is a city where everything is available at arms length, a technicolor mirage where the more you close in on things, the further away they seem,” Rees-Lee explains.

“Built on a fault line in the desert, the city exists on a singular foundation of dreams and stardust fantasy. The promise of this impossible oasis draws dreamers and drifters, whose hopes in turn weave themselves into the city’s fabric of ouroboric self-mythology. This is a greeting and farewell. After almost five years, I’ve recently bid adieu to Los Angeles, and with the city now in the rear vision mirror, it seems fitting to send this music into the world; another onion-layer for a myth left behind.”