Video Premiere: Saint-Léon - Fever Dream — Sungenre Premiere

Video Premiere: Saint-Léon – Fever Dream

Sydney via London pop outsiders and childhood friends Ryan Nicolussi (vocals) and Alister Hill (production) incredibly never made music together until they found themselves on opposite sides of the globe. Today we’re pleased to present their stunning fourth collaboration with French film-making duo Pierre and Pascal Lubois.

“When pulled by the extremes, my greatest fear is pity,” Hill says. “To summarise large swathes of life that I struggle to understand into a pithy sentiment for people to ‘like’ would forsaken the individuals around me who I hold dear, and place society onto a pedestal that I don’t think it deserves. My music with Ryan – and the ‘between moments’ captured by the Lubois Brothers – is a cradle that I’m thankful for and to maintain the belief that whatever happens, everything must keep moving”